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Econ-O-Lift bucket elevators from Australis Engineering

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Australis Engineering  has introduced the Econ-O-Lift series of bucket elevators featuring patented chain design for maximum reliability and cleanliness.


  • Robust construction for durability and easy installation
  • Multiple discharge and inlet feeds for customer flexibility
  • Multiple cover options to meet specific application needs and ensure safety

Bucket design

  • Buckets remain upright throughout circuit to ensure product integrity
  • Clean-in-place capabilities for maximum cleanliness
  • Smooth bucket surfaces eliminate product trap areas
  • Buckets constructed from various materials are available to meet specific process requirements

Patented chain design

  • Heavy-duty chains for increased throughputs for increased production rates
  • Various materials of construction for chains to meet specific process applications and insure long-life durability and reliability
  • Wash-through chain design for maximum cleanliness and sanitation

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