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ChocoMa C + C cooling tunnels from Australis Engineering

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The design of ChocoMa C + C cooling tunnels from Australis Engineering incorporates a cooling liquid filled compressor, automatic belt steering and 20 mm thick insulation throughout. These cooling tunnels are lined internally with aluminium and have thermostatically controlled cooling. They are available in 18 or 24 cm belt widths and variable temperatures along the length of the tunnel can be achieved with the zone cooling feature.

The products enter the cooling tunnel by means of a conveyor which has an open length of 1.0 m. Manual or mechanical decoration of the product occurs at this stage. An open packing table forms the end of the tunnel. This table measures 0.6 m in length.

Temperatures in these cooling tunnels are controlled electronically with digital read outs. The tunnels can be supplied with two thermostats on request. One for the inlet and one for the outlet end of the machine. The cooling section of the tunnel comprises a compressor, two evaporators and two ventilators. Double circulation of cold air is achieved at both ends of the tunnel and the resulting loss of cold air is minimal. Standard belt speed on these models varies between 0 and 3m/min.

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