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Bucket Elevators from Australis Engineering

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Australis Engineering  offers the innovative Elecon multi-axis elevators and bucket elevators manufactured by Gough Econ.

Swinglink Bucket Elevators

Swinglink bucket elevators are heavy duty systems made for durability and easy installation. Featuring a continuous chain and bucket design with overlapping bucket lips, these bucket elevators are highly adaptive in various environments.

Econ-O-Lift Bucket Elevators

These bucket elevators are a line of sturdy materials handling systems built for durability and easy installation. Econ-O-Lift bucket elevators feature a collapsing chain and 360-degree discharge with multiple discharge and inlet feeds to provide flexibility.

Chains are available in Acatel plastic, carbon steel and stainless steel. These materials offer appropriate strength and sanitation requirements for specific applications.


  • Robust construction for durability and easy installation
  • Multiple discharge and inlet feeds for customer flexibility
  • Multiple cover options for specific application and safety needs

Bucket Design

  • Buckets remain upright throughout the circuit to ensure product integrity
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) capabilities for maximum cleanliness
  • Smooth bucket surfaces eliminate product trap areas
  • Buckets constructed from various materials are available to meet specific process requirements

Patented Chain Design

  • Heavy duty chains for increased throughputs and production rates
  • Various materials of construction for chains to meet specific process applications
  • Wash-through chain design for maximum cleanliness and superior sanitation

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