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Australis’ Protect-Air AG modular safety products ensure health and safety in the workplace

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Workplace safety is a real concern across the world with the UN’s International Labour Organisation reporting over 1 million workplace deaths and 250 million workplace accidents globally each year. Work-related deaths even exceed deaths caused by road accidents, wars and violence annually.

These statistics demonstrate that workplace health and safety (WHS) is a critical component of any business or industry. Good WHS is not only legally required but is also good business.

Health and safety risk assessments

A workplace risk assessment consisting of a careful examination of what might cause harm to people at the workplace is a good way to assess WHS. The assessment will reveal whether sufficient precautions have been taken, or if more safeguards are required to prevent harm to employees. The risk assessment findings must be followed up with action including putting sensible controls in place to prevent accidents.

Compressed air safety risks

Widely employed in a range of Australian businesses, compressed air tools can cause severe injuries such as embolisms, deep-tissue incisions and tissue trauma. Though using compressed air systems is potentially a high risk activity, very few businesses are aware of the dangers associated with it.

A simple solution exists to minimise risk when using compressed air products. Air fuses are legislated safety equipment in Europe as they are designed to quickly alter the air supply when a pressure change is detected, rendering the air tool safe.

The Protect-Air AG product line from Australis Engineering offers a full range of European approved modular safety products such as air fuses and in-line pre-set regulators. 

Australis Engineering also offers various safety solutions including machine guarding, electrical safety and safety fencing.

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