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Australis Engineering launches new drum and pallet conveying system

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Australis Engineering has recently launched a new drum and pallet conveying systems specially designed for heavy industrial use.

The benefits of the new system include easy to clean design, modular construction for easy line configuration and extension, as well as a range of peripheral units including 44 gallon drum palletizing, drum decant unit, pallet dispensing and shrink wrapping machines.

A complete packaging line has recently been successfully installed for Orica and is operating to repackage 44 gallon drums.

As part of the drum conveying system an automatic drum palletising system was installed and is capable of picking and placing drums on standard pallets which can then be further processed or labelled.

The palletiser features automatic pallet dispensing and is capable of holding up to 20 pallets in the tower.

Further equipment for drum handling which Australis Engineering can supply includes drum wash down units featuring high or low pressure water jets, drum decanting for emptying drums automatically, pallet lifts for elevating full pallets for high level conveying, as well as custom designed handling for any unusual or unique problems.

Pallet conveyors can be supplied in 2 varieties such as chain conveyors or roller conveyors.

On the chain conveyors, depending on the pallet, the pallets run on 2 or 3 standard steel chains and are ideal for regular wood pallets which need to be conveyed in either slat orientation.

Roller conveyors feature heavy duty steel rollers and are ideal in a palletising situation or where a heavy load is to be carried. The drive can be centre mounted for forward and reverse motion

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