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Alusic Quick Release Safety Systems available from Profilium

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Alusic’s patented quick release safety systems available from Profilium are designed to enable easy access to machine guards and safety screens for cleaning and servicing.  

Alusic quick release safety systems feature an innovative catch/ fixing system that allows for the rapid and safe removal of aluminium safety panels or guards surrounding machines or safety cells.  

A standard allen key can be used for quick release or refit of the guard or screen. The innovative quick release safety systems are sold ready to use in kit form and include 2 top and 2 bottom hinges in addition to 4 locking pins.  

The quick release safety systems eliminate the effort involved in removing or refitting panels, and can be easily integrated with electrical safety interlock switches.  

The quick release safety systems can also be retrofitted to existing panels.  

Key features of Alusic quick release safety systems: 

  • Quick release/ refit using a standard allen key
  • Panels automatically pop-out once catches are disengaged
  • Panels are refitted correctly
  • Patented locking pin
  • Rapid visual inspection to ensure panels are correctly installed and engaged
  • Easy integration with electrical safety interlock switches
  • Compatible with all Alusic aluminium profile and most other profiles, allowing retrofits  
  • Compliant with stringent European OHS safety standards

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