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Aluminium profile machinery guards from Profilium improve safety

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article image Due to the adaptability of aluminium profile, clients can quickly and easily provide customised designs for these machinery guards

With new occupational health and safety regulations now in place, it is important to ensure that manufacturing equipment conforms to these obligations. Aluminium profile machinery guards from Profilium are a cost effective and reliable solution for ensuring these new OHS requirements are met.

Australis can custom design and manufacture OHS compliant machinery guards using structural aluminium profile. Machine guards can be custom designed to ensure they meet OHS regulations and maintain excellent access to equipment for cleaning or maintenance.

Benefits derived from using aluminium profile machine guarding include:

  • virtually infinite design outcomes
  • high strength to weight ratio ensuring guards are strong but light weight
  • adaptable connector systems for easy incorporation of removable doors or access panels for cleaning and maintenance
  • easy integration of polycarbonate steel mesh or other panel types depending on the application and OHS requirement
  • an anodised finish making them perfect for clean room applications; and
  • a straight forward design, manufacture and installation resulting in significant cost savings.
Importantly, the unique connecting system used in these machinery guards greatly reduces fabrication time by eliminating the need to weld and paint steel. This in combination with reduced labour costs means that many aluminium profile solutions are cheaper than a comparable steel solution.

This flexible connecting system also permits any design to be built in a modular format, allowing easier and faster onsite installation and modifications and resulting in further cost savings.

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