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Auto-darkening welding filters

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TWO of Hörnell’s new auto-darkening welding filters are available from Australian Welding Supplies . The Speedglas 9002V and 9002X increase flexibility for welders using varying current levels and welding methods.

A newly developed electronics unit enables the regulation of both light to dark and the dark to light period after finishing a job. The welding filter's optical density (the degree of light that penetrates the filter) can also be regulated. All three adjustments can be combined and adapted to the welding that needs to be done. The new welding filter suits all Speedglas 9000 welding helmets.

The 9002X has a built-in solar cell which doubles battery life to around 3,000 hours and a viewing surface that is 45% larger than that of the 9002V.

Several types of manual regulation can be made to the two new filters for greater adaptation to different welding applications and personal adjustments. The Speedglas 9002V and 9002X have regulated optical density between nine and thirteen, adjustable in five stages. Detector sensitivity (the filter's ability to see the welding arc) has been further improved. This too can now be regulated.

All of these adjustments are made using simple push buttons and can be combined for personal preferences and for the required welding job, from low-current TIG welding to high-current plasma shielding.

Speedglas welding filters always provide UV/IR protection for the eyes, whether they are switched on or off, dark, or light. Because the filter can be changed from light to dark and dark to light settings, it is often safer than traditional welding filters since the welding helmet can always stay closed, protecting the face and eyes.

Speedglas welding filters are made of a seven-layer laminate, a UV/UR filter, three polarisation filters, three floating crystal elements and a cover filter. The electronics unit enables the crystal element to function as a shutter and react to the welding arc, automatically darkening the moment the welding arc is ignited. The switchover occurs in 1/10,000th of a second.

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