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The P360 Strapping tool by AWS.

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article image The P360 Strapping tool by AWS.

Based on the successful model P350, the new Fromm P360 PET pneumatic strapping tool from Australian Warehouse Solutions , delivers an impressive high tension of up to 7000N!  The high tension will guarantee the use of polyester (PET) strap in traditional hard areas such as the aluminium, metal, paper and timber industries.  

For high sealing efficiency and perfectly secured packages, the P360 features a fully adjustable sealing time, strap tension and tensioning speed.  The P360 strap tool caters for PET strap up to 1.35mm thick and 32mm wide.

The P360 strap tool weighs 18.5kg and it is suggested that the tool be suspended for stationary strapping applications.  Australian Warehouse Solutions (AWS), the exclusive distributors of the P360, supply a complimentary suspension bracket for every tool sold.
AWS and the exclusive distributors of the Fromm strapping range and have specialised in providing innovative and cost-effective strapping solutions since 1977.

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