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Strapping machines available from Australian Warehouse Solutions

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SMB is one of the preferred suppliers of strapping machines to all of the top 20 US newspaper companies. This equipment is now successfully operating at many sites in Australia.

SMB machines are fast, strapping at speeds of up to 45 bundles per minute. SMB machines are also reliable on the market; with no service needed until 1,000,000 cycles.

This range of hi-tech strapping machines is comprehensive: in-line, off-line, automatically, or semi automatically. Features include: Strap width adjustable 5 - 9mm, automatic discharge of remaining strap, patented strap loop ejector finger, automatic ultrasonic strap tensioning based on height of bundle, quick change strap dispenser and heat seal smoke dissipation fans.

SMB, good strapping machines are now in stock at Australian Warehouse Solutions in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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