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Steel and plastic strapping solution

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article image Sweed Chopper – strategically placed.

STEEL strapping is an especially risky material to have around. Left to collect in corners, this strapping can ensnare and badly cut. Every time these serpentine coils are moved or stuffed into a dump bin, employees are in danger.

Everyone is interested in reducing on-the-job injuries. Common sense tells us that fewer accidents and fewer threats of litigation result in lower workers' compensation insurance premiums. With strategically placed Sweed Choppers, available from Australian Warehouse Solutions , employees handle strapping only once.

The choppers cut the coils into small pieces of steel that drop safely into a bin. Essentially, Sweed machines are loss-prevention programs just waiting to be installed in your plant - and they cost a fraction of what a workers' comp claim can be these days even before you consider litigation.

Steel and plastic strapping - it's everywhere. Once it gets cut away from the job of securing a load, it gets pitched aside. Some throw it into one big pile, others kick it into a corner, even more try to stuff it in a dump bin.

It doesn't take long to fill up a dump bin with waste that doesn't compact easily. With over 50 years of building the world's largest line of top-performing linear scrap conversion machines in the industry, Sweed has the answer.

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