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Retrofits strapping machines from Australian Warehouse Solutions

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article image Polyester (PET) strap

It is time to convert your steel strap to polyester strap. Polyester (PET) strap is 50% of the cost of steel strapping and it also provides the added bonuses of improved safety, productivity and pack presentation.

The conversion of steel strap to polyester strap is sweeping through Europe. Fromm has already installed over 150 conversions of automatic steel strapping machines to new generation polyester.

Australian Warehouse Solutions  (AWS) in conjunction with Fromm Strapping are offering retrofits to any brand of in-line steel strapping machines.

Peter Holmes, managing director of Australian Warehouse Solutions said, “Australian Warehouse Solutions can convert any brand of machine by replacing the critical parts to operate a PET strap”.

“The process is very simple. The conversion of retrofit replaces the existing head, puts in a new track, a polyester strap dispenser and a separate control panel to interface into the existing machine” said Peter Holmes.

Australian Warehouse Solutions employ five Fromm factory trained technicians, to whom retrofits are now relatively easy to do and cost less than 30% of the replacement equipment.

Australian Warehouse Solutions already have hundreds of hand tool customers in Australia that have converted from steel to polyester strapping.

This was achieved by replacing the conventional steel strapping with the remarkable Fromm PET strapping tools.


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