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POLYESTER strapping is replacing traditional steel strapping, according to Australian Warehouse Solutions .

Health and safety

AWS polyester strapping creates a safer working environment. It has no sharp edges and is therefore less likely to cut hands during handling, application or removal.

AWS polyester strapping is up to 60% lighter than steel for a given length and has a yield of up to four times greater.

Coil changes are less frequent and can be easily achieved by one person without the use of lifting equipment.

Product protection

AWS polyester strapping has no sharp edges, so product damage is minimised.

AWS polyester strapping will not rust and stain packs when exposed to moisture and is UV resistant.


AWS polyester strapping is easier for customers to dispose of than steel, as it is more easily compressed in refuse skips and is fully recyclable.

Impact resistance

AWS polyester strapping withstands shock force. For example, if a pallet is dropped during handling or in transit, it takes 2.5 times the energy to break as steel, for straps of comparable break strength.

As AWS polyester strapping has a combination of strength and elasticity, it ensures that products will arrive at their destination in the same condition as they were shipped.


AWS polyester strapping has an 'elastic memory' and so maintains strap tension in the event of pack settlement or shrinkage by contracting with the pack.

Steel straps often become loose if the pack configuration changes, creating a potential hazard when handling.

Low creep

AWS polyester strapping has 'low creep' properties meaning that the strap tension will not 'relax'. Potentially hazardous loads such as brick void packs can therefore be moved safely even after extended period of storage and transport.

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