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Optiledge Pallet Alternative from Australian Warehouse Solutions

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Optiledge from Australian Warehouse Solutions is a revolutionary pallet alternative that matches up to the size and shape of the product being transported.  

Optiledge from AWS is the more logical, effective and economical method for transporting products.    

Optiledge’s innovative lightweight nature allows users to conjoin their products without adding extra weight like a wooden pallet.  

In fact, Optiledge decreases the weight of a standard truckload by over one tonne. Each Optiledge pallet alternative weighs only one kilo and is capable of supporting a load of up to two tonnes.  

Optiledge can easily be shipped back to the source for re-use as it stacks neatly together fitting 470 units on each pallet when not in use.  

Optiledge also does not require fumigation or inspection like wooden pallets ensuring loads will move faster through customs and additionally save money.  

Optiledge is sold exclusively through Australian Warehouse Solutions (AWS) and the packaging materials are 100% recyclable as well as reusable.  

AWS has specialised in providing innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions since 1977.

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