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New Model A337 MICROLOCK Strapping Tool

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Fromm, the world’s leading manufacturer of sealless steel strapping tools and equipment, has released its new and unique Model A337 MICROLOCK  Strapping Tool. 

Fromm’s unique MICROLOCKsystem prevents the joints from getting unlocked in cases of straps not being under tension during transportation and packs subject to shrinkage during storage. 

Additional important features of the A337-machine are:
- Rugged tool design offering high reliability 
- Suitable for Regular Duty and High Tensile steel strapping with gauges up to 0.63 mm 
- Excellent ergonomics 
- The free wheeling tensioning system guarantees the highest possible strap tension (no tension is lost)

This quality manual combination sealless strapping tool is produced by Fromm’s skilled manufacturing professionals using state of the art equipment and the finest materials available.


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