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Lightweight Pneumatic Strapping Tool from Australian Warehouse Solutions

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The Fromm P356 is a lightweight, pneumatic PET strapping tool available from Australian Warehouse Solutions (AWS) .  

This hard-wearing polyester (PET) strapping tool can reach a tension of up to 3700N. Fromm P356’s high tension capacity means it can be used in strap applications formerly deemed impossible.  

Conventional pneumatic strapping tools need to be suspended due to their weight. This is not necessary with the Fromm P356 pneumatic strapping tool as it only weighs 5.5kg.  

The tool’s lightweight construction and the fact that the air lines can be attached to the tool either at the rear of the main handle or on top of the main housing means that it can be used in a range of horizontal or vertical strapping positions.  

The P356 is a strong and reliable tool, which can cater for PET straps up to 1.35mm thick.  

This reliable pneumatic strapping tool features fully adjustable strap tension, sealing time and tensioning speed, which delivers completely secured packages and high sealing efficiency.  

AWS has specialised in cost-effective strapping solutions since 1977.

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