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Heavy duty dunnage bags

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AUSTRALIAN Warehouse Solutions (AWS) has purchased a full production line of dunnage bags and developed a new bag. The production line gives them a manufacturing capacity for Australia and all of South East Asia.

Dunnage bags are a heavy duty inflatable plastic bag which is covered by multiple layers of Kraft paper. The bags stop containerised cargo moving in transit, helping to prevent damage.

AWS’ new equipment allows them to manufacture a large range of sizes and plys to meet dunnage bag international standards. This production line is located in their Sydney complex, allowing greater stock holdings and enabling faster deliveries. Good stocks are also held at Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide warehouses.

The new Rhino Tuff dunnage bags have a new fast fill valve enabling 300% faster filling of less than 20 seconds per bag. The bags are available either one way or reusable. With an improved double seal and multi-layer liner they are also 200% stronger and more puncture resistant.

AWS is also the leading manufacturer of clay based desiccant in Australia. We provide the majority of Australian exporters with cost effective moisture control solutions with MBD 99 clay desiccant and silica gel.

AWS recently released a new "hanging" bag designed specifically to be easily hung in containers.

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