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Automatic stretch wrap machines from Australian Warehouse Solutions

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article image The Wulftec WRTA-100, pallet wrapping machine

The Wulftec WRTA-100, available from Australian Warehouse Solutions (AWS), is a fully automatic column mounted rotary-arm stretch wrapper. The machine head goes around the pallet so there is no turntable. This makes the WRTA-100 suitable for wrapping heavy loads.

The Wulftec WRTA-100 eliminates the manual process needed to attach and cut film. The forklift operator simply needs to drop the pallet in position and then activate the machine without leaving the forklift.

The Wulftec WRTA-100 wraps the pallet unassisted, saving both time and money.

The Wulftec WRTA-100 stretch wrapping machine features a pre-stretch film delivery system. When used in conjunction with the Stretchmaster film, also available from AWS, the Wulftec pallet wrap machine delivers over 250% pre-stretch.

The Wulftec WRTA-100 pallet wrapping machine has AC variable frequency drives. A full range of Wulftec pallet wrapping machines are available at AWS.

Wulftec pallet wrapping machines can be rented or purchased at AWS.

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