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AWS Strapping Machines Save Money on Local Freight

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Australian Warehouse Solutions  offers a range of strapping solutions designed to reduce freight costs in local deliveries.  

Freight companies charge by the carton for local deliveries. Unitising cartons with polypropylene straps on strapping machines can dramatically reduce freight costs as was discovered by a customer of Australian Warehouse Solutions (AWS).  

The customer’s dispatch was sending out 80 cartons per day with each carton weighing five kilograms. Their freight company charged them $4 per carton.  

AWS supplied the customer one of their strapping machines to unitise their loads by strapping three cartons together. The unitised loads brought down the freight costs by 66%.   

Payback time for the strapping machine was just a few months thanks to the excellent savings made by the customer in freight costs.  

David Burgess, a sales consultant for AWS says that AWS strapping machines are easy to use, cost efficient and fast.  

Strapping machines are in stock at AWS and can be purchased or rented.  

AWS has specialised in providing innovative and cost-effective strapping solutions since 1977.  

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