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Plastic bonding adhesive available from Australian Warehouse Distributors

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  • Before replacing the wheel tub assembly all areas must be cleaned free from oil, grease, road grime and old sealers/adhesives
  • Removal of the original wheel tub can be accelerated with the aid of a heat gun used to soften the bonding agent
  • Any bare steel must be over coated with a two pack epoxy primer and be allowed to dry (refer to your preferred paint brand technical data sheet for application)
  • Sand the cured epoxy primer lightly (do not sand through to bare metal)
  • Clean the new plastic tub liner with Lord Fusor 703 adhesive prep cleaner and wipe dry with a clean cloth


Do not sand the plastic tub liner as it will destroy the flame treated surface of the wheel tub channel and reduce the adhesion of the Lord Fusor 127EZ to the plastic tub liner.

Apply Lord Fusor 602 trim surface modifier (shake the aerosol can thoroughly for at least 1 minute before application) to the tub liner surface where the adhesive will be applied and allow 12-20 minutes flash off.

Apply a 5mm bead of Lord Fusor 127EZ to the plastic tub liner followed by a further 5mm bead on top of the first bead. The double bead of adhesive will seal the flange. Clamp in place and allow 24 hours cure time.

Handy hints:

  • Prepare all parts first
  • Level the adhesive cartridge plungers
  • Attach the mixing tip to the cartridge
  • Apply a small 50mm length of Lord Fusor 127EZ to a scrap piece of cardboard. This will check that the mix of adhesive is uniform. Under no circumstance hand mix the adhesive
  • Leave the mixing tip on the cartridge when adhesive application is finished
  • Once the liner is clamped in place and a sound fit is achieved, any excess material may be cleaned up with a wax and grease/prepsol type material

The plastic bonding adhesives are available from Australian Warehouse Distributors.

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