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Australian Utilities and SCADA Technologies to resell KoolSpan technology

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KOOLSPAN Inc., a provider of plug-and-play security solutions that bridge networks, users and devices, has entered into a reseller partnership with Australian Utilities and SCADA Technologies .

Under the agreement, Australian Utilities and SCADA Technologies will resell KoolSpan’s bi-directional two-factor authentication solutions to authenticate and protect critical industrial infrastructures including SCADA-based networks.

Using a smart card to smart card architecture, KoolSpan’s per packet 256-bit AES Ethernet encryption protects sensitive information without impacting bandwidth utilisation or performance, operating at Layer 2. Its flagship offering, SecurEdge, provides an ultra-secure and consistent way for trusted users inside and outside the firewall to access their company’s private control or business network. The solution bridges networks, users and devices for encrypted network layer access to control systems with critical security requirements. Whether wired or wireless, remote or local, the SecurEdge solution is simple to configure, support and install.

“We see KoolSpan fitting well into our total solution as it’s a novel approach that works,” said Kevin Tomkyns, client and project services head at Australian Utilities and SCADA Technologies.

Authentication is a pervasive problem at every level of critical infrastructure. SCADA control devices, protocols for industrial equipment inter-operation and user management systems lack authentication.

“We are pleased to partner with Australian Utilities and SCADA Technologies to protect some of Australia's most important critical infrastructures,” said KoolSpan chief executive officer Tony Fascenda. “Transportation, oil and gas, water, shipping, rail and airports present a wide range of specialised needs and vast geographies.”

From control networks to enterprises, KoolSpan’s authentication solutions can be used to secure video surveillance and other sensor data in the field, and VoIP communications, as well as provide protected remote access without a VPN, secure Wi-Fi in offices or the field, and secure Ethernet for multi-site bridging or backbone encryption across private or public networks.

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