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New enviro-friendly blowing agent from AUS for Australia and global market

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Australian Urethane Systems  (AUS) offers a new environment-friendly blowing agent as a logical replacement for blowing agents officially being phased out.  

Ecomate, the new blowing agent is used internally by AUS in the production of its own foams and skins lines. Ecomate is a safe and environ-friendly replacement for flammable blowing agents such as pentane as well as the environmentally-damaging refrigerants, 1348 and 2345.  

AUS also advises companies worldwide on adjusting their processing and manufacturing plants to streamline their own use of Ecomate.  

Managing Director of AUS, Mr Geoff Benson offers the company’s products and services to customers across the world in any plant where potentially polluting blowing agents are used.  

He explains that their foam products are blown with Ecomate, qualifying as Green Group 1 PIR foam according to the Building Code of Australia.  

Ecomate is a true liquid blowing agent designed for use in rigid insulating foams, spray foams, integral skin foams and various flexible foams. The blowing agent allows OEMs to continue delivering on increasing demands including improved thermal efficiency, adhesion, density distribution, and GRAS approval of the end consumer.  

Key end use applications of Ecomate blowing agent:  

  • Appliances and whitegoods
  • Automotive sector
  • Boardstock and continuous panel manufacturing
  • Commercial food service
  • Refrigerated transportation
  • Roto mould applications
  • SIPS and discontinuous panels
  • Pour-in-place applications
  • Marine and flotation use
Key benefits of Ecomate blowing agent:  
  • Environmentally benign material
  • Non-GWP, non-ODP, and VOC exempt
  • Good mechanical and thermal properties
  • Fulfils current and future regulatory requirements
  • US EPA and SNAP approved
  • Replaces HCFCs, HFCs and hydrocarbons
  • Cost effective as it requires little to no equipment, plans, facility or production changes

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