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Australian Urethane Systems offers Graco poly spraying systems with vital service and maintenance support

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Users of Graco foam and coatings application systems can now take advantage of a unique service from Australian Urethane Systems to derive better returns from their investment.  

A longstanding supplier of Graco fast-set plural component equipment and accessories, Australian Urethane Systems will now support clients with after-sales service to enable optimum use of the poly spraying systems.  

Graco poly spraying systems are used to spray polyurethane foams as well as polyurea and polyurethane coatings in a wide range of applications across the mining sector, general industry, building and construction, aerospace, commercial walls, residential walls, rim and band joists as well as roof insulation among others.  

Australian Urethane Systems (AUS) Managing Director, Mr Geoff Benson explains that it is important to offer the customer a complete package of equipment, parts and service, given the high demand for Graco poly spraying systems.  

He adds that businesses across many industries have been sourcing equipment of late to spray polyurethane and polyurea coatings and foams for insulation, corrosion, wear resistance and waterproofing applications.  

Australian Urethane Systems believes that servicing of the coating application equipment is very necessary for customers to derive maximum returns. The service division has grown significantly, standing as a strong independent entity in AUS’ business operations.  

The main objective of providing a service component with product sales was to differentiate AUS from the online competition. AUS customers now understand the value of this support in terms of ensuring better staff training in the use and maintenance of Graco equipment, which helps them save money, avoid problems and eliminate costly downtime.  

AUS also insists on commissioning all machines to ensure that the customer starts out right.  

Graco poly spraying systems include proportioners, heated hoses, heated whip hoses, application guns, pumps and agitator kits in addition to several accessories.

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