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Morse Watchmans tamper proof KeyRings from Australian security Technology

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Australian Security Technology  is a supplier of Morse Watchmans KeyRings, which are more secure and easy to use than older, welded or crimped keyrings thanks to the easily replaceable hub with unique unlock code.

People with authority over keys will usually have many keys to manage. In order to keep track of these large bunches of keys and follow them more easily, they can be tagged with control numbers before being allocated to the holder.

Morse Watchmans KeyRings are ideal for this purpose due to the ease of key replacement. These key rings are simple to setup with a tamper-proof locking mechanism and a unique identification system. Normally, to replace a key the key ring would have to be destroyed, however with Morse Watchmans’ replaceable hub technology it is possible to re-use the key ring by simply replacing the hub at a fraction of the cost.

Each hub on each key ring is colour-coded and stamped with a unique serial number, to help identify keys and prevent substitution and tampering.

No tools are required to replace the hub and close the key ring assembly, all the user needs to do is attach and new hub and click it in.

Morse Watchman KeyRings are made out of 3.5mm, high grade stainless steel and are a smart solution to replace old welded and crimped rings.

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