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Hybrid KeyWatcher systems installed by Australian Security Technology for key control and asset management

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article image KeyWatcher hybrid system with a master cabinet (R) and two slave cabinets used to control restricted assets (handcuffs). Inset is a close-up of the cabinet with handcuffs

Australian Security Technology designed and installed several hybrid KeyWatcher systems to control keys and restricted assets at an NSW department specialising in court transport.  

The court transport authority chose Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher after successfully testing the system to ensure key control and asset management for assets such as government restricted radios, handcuffs and firearms.  

Approached by a security consultant employed by the court transport authority, Australian Security Technology Pty Ltd (ASTPL) designed and installed a number of hybrid KeyWatcher systems especially made for this application.  

The KeyWatcher’s modular design allowed AST engineers to put together a system consisting of a master cabinet and slave cabinets. The slave cabinet is similar to the master unit, without the keypad.  

ASTPL used the latest KeyWatcher cabinets with the new design and improved access controls. Built into a rugged steel cabinet with highly illuminated key slots, the system allows users to locate keys easily. Additionally, the cabinets blend in well with modern office layouts, without taking over wall space.  

Explaining the working of the system, Jason Leach, ASTPL’s managing director says that transport officers are assigned a task for the day, following which they log on to the KeyWatcher system and simultaneously remove vehicle keys, handcuffs and radios relevant for that task.  

Access to the different lockers is made by punching in an assigned nine-digit PIN, which allows the user to pull out the designated key for the PIN and locker.  

At the end of the day, the officers log in and return items to their defined locations. The system knows the whereabouts of each item and who it has been assigned to, at all times.  

The system also maintains a full audit trail with emails and alarms being sent out to the relevant personnel if an item is not returned. Control of the system is done from a head office location by a security manager.  

The system allows the security manager to provide one of five different levels of access to the transport officer, offering more flexibility on key control and asset management.  

Australian Security Technology designed a special software for the key control systems to provide a high level application for operating across wide area networks and through the internet, using the KW Exchange platform as the base.  

The platform has expanded features and capabilities including automated reporting, scheduled reporting, unlimited alarm systems, unlimited recipients for alarms and unlimited number of users among others. Once the system is commissioned, the user can expand it without having to change installed hardware. 

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