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Now available from Australian Security Technology is a new solution to asset tracking, suitable for use on keys at a car yard, safety equipment or tools at a mine site, furniture or other such assets at a club or hotel and similar applications.

Barcoding technology now allows a user to scan an asset’s unique barcode for real-time entry into an asset database. Called AssetTracker, this system provides an accurate and reliable means of registering and tracing asset movements from an office or other interior location to offsite locations in the field and elsewhere.

Assets are quickly scanned in or out, placed against a current custodian and assigned to a contact or location. AssetTracker’s specially-designed software allows the user to produce reports that show who currently has which asset and which assets are at particular locations.

Scanning barcoded assets, ranging from documents, medical equipment, even motor vehicles, is easily done using a Datalogic scanner. Two units are available for this use: the Heron D130 and the Memor.

Both units work off a personal computer, which holds the AssetTracker software. The Heron D130 is corded and attached to a computer’s USB port, while the Memor is handheld and portable for use off-site.

An asset list can be downloaded onto the Memor and taken away from the central database where assets can be scanned. AssetTracker will indicate if an asset is in the wrong location and produce reports to show what should have been in a location, but was not found.

Both scanners are ergonomic and easy to use. The Memor features custom software with a Windows CE interface. Compact and robust, the Memor is light enough to carry around, yet tough enough to take the normal wear and tear of regular use.

AssetTracker is available in three packages, to suit just about any customer requirement.

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