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Tubular power wire wound resistors from Australian Resistors

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Australian Resistors  is known for manufacturing fixed and variable wire wound resistors. Australian Resistors also produces coatings and metal parts such as, brackets and terminals.

Low cost wire wounds, flameproof wire wounds, flameproof metal glazes, semi precision wire wounds and compact flat power wire wounds are some of the wire wound resistors available from Australian Resistors.

Potentiometer, Rheostat, current sense wire formed resistors, pulse handling capacity and laboratory power slider resistors are the other products offered by Australian Resistors.

Tubular power wire wound resistors are available from Australian Resistors. These resistors are manufactured with either silicone coatings or pyrosil coatings. These coatings offer protection against high humidity.

A variety of wire wound resistors ranging from 3 watts to 1500 watts are available with pyrosil coatings from Australian Resistors. The pyrosil coating offer several benefits including resistance to chipping and repels moisture. The coatings of these tubular wire wound resistors repel moisture and are unaffected by most common solvents thus providing resistance against environmental attack.

The pyrosil coating of the tubular wire wound resistors from Australian Resistors is a combination of refractory oxidation barriers and silicone resins. Adjustable resistors and tapped resistors are also available with the tubular wire wound resistors.

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