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Wide range of Jetmax pressure systems available from Australian Pump Industries

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Good quality household pressure systems are designed for long trouble free life, and can provide “water on tap” for both country and city dwellers. A subsidised poly water tank designed to catch rain water adds a valuable water resource that can be used for any domestic or on-farm application.

Well known rural identity, Col Rowland, of Col’s Farmers Ag Buying Service knows the value of free water. “Using these top quality Aussie household pressure systems, you can provide great water pressure throughout the house, sheds, or use it for irrigation or vehicle and machinery wash down” he said.

The Aussie pressure systems that are favoured by Col are heavy duty cast iron or stainless steel pumps with big flows and pressure.

“Many users install a system that is too small and purchase on price alone” said Col. “That’s a big mistake as there are a lot of cheap third world country pumps coming into Australia that simply don’t go the distance” he said.

Aussie Jetmax pressure systems feature big tanks and reliable, robust, pressure switches. These features increase reliability and, even more importantly, add an element of power saving not found in constant pressure systems.

“It works like this, when you turn on a tap in a constant pressure system the pump must switch on. That means that even if you are rinsing a cup with a fraction of a litre of water the pump will turn on and off. It is during those stops and starts of the pumps electric motor that you generate peak power consumption” said Col Rowland.

“Using a water reservoir that is built into the pump means that the pump will only turn on maybe once an hour depending on demand, as apposed to up to 40 times an hour with a constant pressure system” he said.

Aussie Jetmax provides flows of up to 165 litres per minute, with head capabilities of up to 68 metres. “68 metres equates to almost 95 PSI. That’s real pressure” said Col.

Aussie Pumps cost effective range of cast iron pumps are strong, reliable jet pumps with brass impellers fitted as standard equipment. They feature stainless steel shafts and stainless steel mechanical seals as well as a totally enclosed, fan cooled, vermin proof motors.

The stainless steel range of pressure systems from Australian Pump Industries is manufactured from top quality stainless steel and feature corrosion resistant impellers and volutes. They are ideal for applications in coastal locations where corrosion is a major factor.

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