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Tsurumi C Series cutter pumps from Australian Pump Industries

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article image Aussie Pump’s Craig Bridgement explains the efficient cutter mechanism on the Tsurumi C Series pump to Phoebe Michaels
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Australian Pump Industries  presents a range of cutter pumps from Tsurumi designed to chop up blocked materials in waste systems.

World-leading submersible pumps manufacturer Tsurumi Pump offers the C Series cutter pumps designed to handle oversized waste materials. Waste systems in commercial buildings are susceptible to failure when blocked by inappropriate items. By installing a cutter pump that chops up waste material, clogging can be prevented.

According to Aussie Pumps Product Manager Craig Bridgement, Tsurumi’s breakthrough cutter impeller chops through leather, plastic, aluminium and other materials in seconds.

Key features of Tsurumi C Series cutter pumps:

  • Large open channel impeller with a cutter mechanism
  • Sintered tungsten carbide alloy tip brazed on the impeller vane
  • 3 phase heavy duty pumps range from 50mm to 100mm bore
  • Largest pump in the range has an enormous capacity of 2,750 LPM and a max. head of 26m
  • Anti-wicking cable entry prevents water from entering the motor if the power lead is damaged or nicked
  • Double silicon carbide seal ensures lubrication and prevents ingress of foreign materials
  • Mechanical seal design features patented Tsurumi oil lifter that increases seal longevity

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