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Sydney cleaning contractor takes delivery of new EPA-compliant Aussie Hydro-Loop high pressure steam cleaner

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article image Martin, Sergio and Ronnie Lopez from MSR can provide a green clean with their Aussie Hydro-Loop
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A brand new Aussie Hydro-Loop high pressure steam cleaner from Australian Pump Industries was recently delivered to MSR Maintenance and Cleaning Services, a Sydney-based professional cleaning contractor.  

Designed to comply with EPA regulations for pressure cleaners in metropolitan areas, Aussie Hydro-Loop high pressure ‘clean and capture’ steam cleaners feature high pressure, steam and a unique vacuum recovery system.  

MSR specialises in high pressure cleaning, waste removal and washroom supply activities for commercial and industrial establishments. The addition of the new Aussie Hydro-Loop high pressure steam cleaner gives them the capability to provide effective ‘clean and capture’ pressure cleaning for a wide range of industrial and government-based activities.  

According to Sergio Lopez, MSR’s founder and Managing Director, the Aussie Hydro-Loop was chosen for its EPA compatibility and the effectiveness of high pressure steam in melting grease, graffiti and even chewing gum without expensive and potentially dangerous cleaning chemicals.  

The 2010 Aussie Pump product of the year, Aussie Hydro-Loop high pressure steam cleaners combine a portable high pressure water blaster, steam cleaner, vacuum recovery and integrated recycling system.  

Sergio comments that the recovery system is phenomenal as it eliminates the need for the operator to keep coming back for refills with the added advantage of undertaking cleaning activities in areas with no water supply.  

Key features of Aussie Hydro-Loop high pressure steam cleaners:  

  • Trailer or ute mounted with its own 600-litre water tank 
  • Can operate independently without needing mains power or mains water supply 
  • Unique recovery system helps the machine reuse the water it carries 
  • 3,500 psi pressure capability, or effective working pressure of 5,400 psi when used with the Aussie hot water Turbolance 
  • 17 litres of flow per minute delivers a serious amount of cleaning power 
  • Power is supplied by an 18HP Vanguard twin cylinder induction engine 
  • Built-in boiler enables it to operate as a steam cleaner with temperatures of up to 130ºC 
  • Steam cleaner can melt chewing gum, graffiti, oil or grease spills 
  • Ideal for council or commercial car parks, supermarkets, service stations or any other flat surface 
  • Uses high pressure hot water to clean instead of harmful and potentially carcinogenic chemicals or detergents 
  • Aussie Twister 22” Aussie stainless steel flat surface cleaner with vacuum port sucks up the water at the same time as cleaning 
  • Aussie Twister cuts cleaning times by up to 80% on large surfaces, making it suitable for plazas, courtyards or pavements 
  • Aussie Scupper, a big vacuum port attached to 15 metres of 38mm vacuum cleaner hose cleans up the work site after the cleaning job is done 

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