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Tsurumi submersible sewage pumps, distributed by Australian Pump Industries are well known around the world for their advanced design and heavy duty construction.  

Australian distributor Australian Pump Industries is relaunching Tsurumi’s B series channel impeller-style submersible sewage pumps, a line of reliable pumps designed specifically for heavy duty sewage and wastewater handling applications.  

Tsurumi’s B series submersible sewage pumps are available from 50mm to 800mm discharge bores with flows up to 150,000 litres per minute. The largest pump in the range is driven by an enormous 110 kW motor.  

Key features of Tsurumi B series submersible sewage pumps

  • Unique double mechanical seal with two seal faces containing silicon carbide operates within an oil chamber to provide optimum seal life
  • Dual seal design eliminates spring failure caused by corrosion, abrasion or fouling
  • Zero risk of spring failure extends seal life and prevents loss of cooling to the bottom seal faces during dry run conditions

Tsurumi’s patent pending ‘Oil Lifter’ design was developed as a lubricating device to increase mechanical seal life even further. Utilising the centrifugal force of the shaft seal, the Oil Lifter forcibly supplies lubricating oil to the mechanical seal and continues to supply oil to the upper seal faces, even if the lubricant falls below the rated volume.  

The motors used by Tsurumi in their sewage pumps and wastewater pumps have a dry type squirrel cage induction design housed in a watertight casing. Conforming to insulation classes B, E or F, all standard pumps can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 40°C.  

Some of the motors are fitted with a Circle Thermal Protector (CTP) that directly cuts the motor circuit during excessive heat build-up or over current caused by electrical or mechanical failures.  

A Miniature Thermal Protector (MTP) is embedded in each winding of the B series motors. Should the winding temperature rise to the actuating temperature, a bi-metal strip opens to cause the control panel to shut the power supply. MTPs are supplied in B series pumps on all 11 kW pumps or over while CTPs are supplied on the under-11 kW, lower range pumps.  

For 22 kW pumps and over, a stainless steel electrode type leaking sensor is standard equipment. It senses water incursion into the oil chamber and brings the pump to a stop.  

Tsurumi offers a wide range of connection options including standard screwed or flanged elbows and guide rail kits for their submersible solids pumps.  

The big open channel impeller has a wide passage that extends from the inlet to the exit of the impeller. This design allows the pump to pass solid matter from inflow to discharge with minimal blockage. 


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