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article image Aussie Pumps Distributor manager, Brad Farrugia gets introduction to the new Udor pumps from Udor’s Dr. Ludovico Riggio

Australian Pump Industries , distributors of Italian spray pump manufacturer Udor, was recently visited by Udor’s Dr. Ludovico Riggio.

Dr Riggio, Udor’s export manager, was in Australia for the launch of an expanded model range of Udor pumps in the 20, 40 and 50 bar pressure categories.

Udor is a manufacturer of high pressure pumps with an advanced plant in Northern Italy’s Rubiera area.

The plant is only 4 years old and uses modern computerised production control techniques including a magazine tower that automatically picks parts for production without any human contact with the component during the picking process.

The tower is 30 metres high and stocks all of the components in strict numerical order with a rotating cage system to pick parts and deliver them to the production area in the minimum time.

“The new system saves huge amounts of time and completely eliminates OH&S issues in the materials handling processes,” said Dr Riggio.

Udor has experienced growth rates of up to 40% in recent years. Aussie Pumps, the Australian distributor are also experiencing major expansion of Udor presence in Australia with a wide acceptance of the Aussie Spraymaster range of engine drive sprayers.

“Australian Pump Industries have done a terrific job of bringing engine drive sprayers to Australian farmers,” said Riggio. “The innovative use of our positive displacement spray pumps has broadened the scope of their application with farmers now being able to buy specialised versions of engine drive sprayers with flows of up to 150 litres a minute and pressures as high as 50 bar,” he said.

Australian Pump Industries have successfully applied diaphragm pumps to difficult, high pressure water transfer applications that are literally impossible for normal, portable self priming pumps. Marketed under the Aussie Spraymaster brand name the products are coupled to Honda petrol engine or Yanmar diesel drive and configured as wash and flush pressure cleaners, designed for specific applications like stock crate, sale yard or big plant wash down.

“Australian Pump has taught Udor about applications for our products that we are not used to in Europe,” said Riggio. “I never imagined that big capacity sprayers could be used for cleaning chicken sheds, flushing piggeries or sold into applications like washing down earthmoving and mining plant,” he said.

Udor products are widely used by several Australian boom-spray and air mist equipment manufacturers. More over, Udor diaphragm pumps in standard pto 6 spline shaft configuration, will easily interchange with other popular brands, often delivering major performance enhancement at lower prices.

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