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Self Priming Portable Trash Pumps from Australian Pump Industries

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Australian Pump Industries  specialises in a range of self priming portable trash pumps that find use in dirty water applications.  

In the last few months, Australia has experienced unseasonal and unexpected rainfall that caught many hire companies unawares when it came to providing quality self priming portable trash pumps for site dewatering applications.  

Flood mitigation needs from councils could not be met and even emergency services were unable to respond in a timely manner.  

Self priming centrifugal pumps are ideal for the rental industry. They are simple to service, require minimal maintenance and have proved themselves as long lasting, profitable workhorses.  

Australian Pump Industries, whose brand leads the Australian market for self priming portable trash pumps, offers a wide range of pumps that start from 2” lightweights and go all the way through to heavy duty 6” pumps capable of delivering up to 6,000 litres per minute.  

Following a simple design, the Aussie trash pump range doesn’t require priming devices, air compressors, vacuum pumps or similar accessories.  

Their simple self priming concept enables them to prime promptly with vertical lift capabilities of up to 7.6 metres.  

The pumps are close coupled to an appropriately selected petrol or diesel engine.  

Pumps of up to 4” are available in handy robust steel frames that make them easily portable on flooded sites. The bigger 6” pumps are available either as skid or trolley/ trailer-mounted for maximum portability.  

“The beauty of our trash pump design is the ability of the pump to handle solids in suspension where required,” said Craig Bridgement, Product Manager, Australian Pump Industries.  

“This makes them ideal for dirty water applications, including those that may involve greywater or black water,” he said.  

Smart rental companies stock only trash pumps because of their ability to handle solids without clogging.  

The additional cost of a trash pump over a standard self primer is minimal.  

Self priming portable trash pumps handle solids by using an open blade impeller with fewer vanes and a large volute to enable solids to pass through without damaging the pump.  

Typically, trash pumps can handle spherical solids of up to 50% the size of their porting. They can also handle up to 25% of solids in suspension, compared to 10% for standard self priming centrifugal pumps.  

Aussie QP Trash Pumps are backed by a unique 5-year warranty. By virtue of a new arrangement with Honda, the customer can now also get an extended 3-year warranty on Honda GX series industrial engines, providing hire companies with an unmatched warranty package.

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