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Salt Water Submersible Pumps from Australian Pump Industries

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article image The new corrosion-resistant TM series submersible pump from Aussie Pumps is designed to pump salt water
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Australian Pump Industries  introduces a new line of corrosion-resistant pumps designed specifically for marine applications.  

Manufactured by the Japanese submersible pump company Tsurumi, the TM series of corrosion-resistant pumps is suitable for diverse salt water pumping applications including circulating seawater in live fish holding tanks, wastewater transfer and even deck wash-downs.     

Aussie Pump’s product manager Craig Bridgement says that corrosion can be really damaging for pumps that spend their life submerged in salty water. Tsurumi salt water submersible pumps are made of corrosion-resistant materials and designed for minimal maintenance.   

Key features of Tsurumi TM series of marine pumps 

  • Made from moulded resin with internal wetted parts manufactured from titanium
  • Particularly suited to pumping salt water and aggressive chemicals where conditions could facilitate rust or corrosion
  • Available with 1½” and 2” discharge bores and single or 3-phase two-pole motors up to 0.75kW  
  • Pump’s vortex impeller is made of fibreglass reinforced resin
  • Impeller passes small solids in suspension through the pump without causing damage or risk of clogging
  • Tough yet lightweight construction
  • Proven track record for long life in both continuous and intermittent sump applications
  • Two-float version saves power by detecting when the water level is sufficient to require activation and switching off when the required level is achieved
  • Produces heads up to 12 metres and has a maximum flow rate of 350 litres per minute
  • Unique double mechanical seal with two seal faces containing silicon carbide operates within an oil chamber to provide optimum seal life 
  • Dual seal arrangement eliminates spring failure caused by corrosion, abrasion or fouling
  • Elimination of spring failure extends seal life and prevents the loss of cooling to the bottom seal faces during dry run conditions  

According to Bridgement, Tsurumi salt water submersible pumps are loaded with features aimed to extend their working life as well as provide operators with low life-time operating costs.   

Tsurumi salt water submersible pumps feature a patent pending Oil Lifter design that was developed as a lubricating device to increase mechanical seal life even further.   

Utilising the centrifugal force of the shaft seal, the Oil Lifter forcibly supplies lubricating oil to the mechanical seal and continues to supply oil to the upper seal faces, even if lubricant falls below the rated volume.   

It not only reliably lubricates, but cools as well, maintaining a stable shaft seal and extending time between services.

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