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article image Bertolini President, Elizabeth Bertolini points out the unique features of the high pressure piston pump.
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A ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini high pressure piston pump, is to be released by Australian Pump Industries later this year.

Bertolini are leaders in the design and manufacture of high pressure piston pumps for industrial and cleaning applications and pioneered the development of the triplex plunger pump.

Dubbed the ‘Revolutionary Series’ by Bertolini, the series comprises a wide range of pumps using one large capacity oil filled crank case as a base.

The range includes models offering flows to 50l per minute and pressures to 5,800psi.

The pumps incorporate a variety of advanced engineering features that make them suitable for long sustained performance in arduous applications.

"The Revolutionary Series is suitable for continuous service duties in car wash, truck cleaning or industrial processing" said Bertolini President, Elizabeth Bertolini.

Features that make the machine superior to previous orthodox designs include some very unique lateral engineering concepts. These include big 1" suction ports, cast into the aluminium crankcase housing. This means the water passages are bigger with cavitation virtually eliminated as a potential failure source.

Additionally, the water operating within the single casting of the crankcase housing has the effect of cooling the oil reservoir. This allows the pump to operate at high pressures without overheating.

The Revolutionary Series also uses a super long horizontal piston stroke to enable higher flows to be achieved from the triplex design. This longer stroke is only possible because of the larger crankcase housing.

The new Revolutionary Series also offers a forged bronze one piece con rod for extra strength and longer life.

Bertolini’s double ‘U’ type seals are fitted for long life with a separate seal on the piston for both oil and water.

Valves are an exclusive Bertolini bottom seal type design that provides improved overall performance and less maintenance.

The horizontal piston design also provides smoother operation and less wear on seals.

The big pumps can be used in high pressure wash plants, big contractor style high pressure water blasters, in industrial and mining wash down and dust suppression applications.

The new pumps are scheduled for a product launch in Australia in late 2005.

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