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article image The Aussie Pump filter package includes a Jet Max pump and 60μ filter.
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A household pressure system with 60μ filter system is being offered by one of Australia's most innovative pump manufacturers and distributors, Australian Pump Industries Pty Ltd .

The complete pump filter systems are aimed at householders, who use rain water for household domestic water supply.

"With even tighter water restrictions coming our way, householders need to be more self reliant," said Aussie Pumps' Fred Fouracre.

"That means capturing precious rain water and using it for gardens, car washing and even as drinkinq water."

The pump package consists of an Aussie Jet Max heavy duty cast iron JM70-24 pump, designed for running up to 4 taps at one.

The pump’s filter is rated to 60μ and is fitted into the delivery line on installation. It strains contaminated water, turning it into clean, clear water.

The Aussie Jet Max M70-24 is an economically priced system loaded with features. These include great performance with pressures to 70psi and excellent self priming characteristics with the ability to suck water from depths of 6m.

The pumps are manufactured from close grained cast iron and supplied with marine grade zinc free bronze impellers for superior corrosion resistance.

The pump is powered by a totally enclosed, fan cooled, vermin proof single phase electric motor. The manufacturer uses only ‘A Class’, top quality components including a stainless steel shaft and a carbon ceramic mechanical seal for long trouble free operation.

The filter, provided as part of the kit, has a washable filter element and a heavy duty clear bowl for easy visual monitoring. It features a robust filter head with 1" ports with brass inserts as standard equipment.

"The Aussie Pump filter package is ideal for farmers, home owners and light industry, and can be installed by any plumber or competent handyman," said Fred Fouracre.

Further information, including a free Selection Guide on Aussie Jet Max pressure systems, is available from Australian Pump Industries.

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