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New mobile steam cleaning service begins operation with Aussie Hydro-Loop system

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article image Aussie Hardstand Cleaning offers EPA compliant Clean n Capture cleaning
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An Aussie Hydro-Loop system from Australian Pump Industries is the foundation of a new mobile steam cleaning business launched in Bray Park.
Aussie Hardstand Cleaning uses a custom made Aussie Hydro-Loop machine featuring a unique ‘Clean n Capture’ system that uses the power of steam to clean but also collects the resulting dirty water with a vacuum recovery unit. The high pressure steam is generated using a 4,000 psi Hydrotek steam cleaner and is capable of removing all types of stains and graffiti from a range of surfaces including concrete, brickwork and bitumen.
Aussie Hardstand Cleaning directors Scott Harris and Colin Osboldstone commissioned the custom made Aussie Hydro-Loop system for their cleaning business. In addition to its huge cleaning power, the Aussie Hydro-Loop features a unique recovery and filtration system that enables it to re-use its own water, preventing the flow of wastewater into stormwater drains and making the unit EPA compliant.
According to Scott Harris, the Loop displays excellent performance in difficult jobs such as removing graffiti, melting grease and oil stains from car parks, and even getting rid of chewing gum without the use of expensive and potentially dangerous cleaning chemicals.
Some of the cleaning projects executed by Aussie Hardstand with the new Aussie Hydro-Loop system include a series of driveways, the local Pine River Aussie Rules Football Club and the grandstand at the Caboolture Showground. The company is currently in negotiations with a number of car yards and shopping centres in and around Brisbane in addition to promoting their services to fast food restaurants and councils.
Harris explains that the idea of an environment-friendly high pressure steam cleaning service that blows graffiti away fast and safely has appealed to councils. He attributes the machine’s high performance capability to a combination of 4,000 psi pressure and 130ºC steam.
Key features of the Aussie Hydro-Loop system: 
  • Combines a portable high pressure water blaster, steam cleaner with vacuum recovery and integrated recycling system
  • 4,000 psi Hydrotek steam cleaner powered by an industrial 24HP Honda engine
  • Custom mounted on a heavy duty dual axle, galvanised trailer that carries the 800-litre water tank
  • Big water tank allows operation without mains power or mains water supply
  • Aussie Twister flat surface cleaner uses spinning arm with high pressure jets to clean large flat areas
  • Twister sucks dirty water back up into the filtration system for re-use
  • 7-stage filtration system removes contamination from the water and converts to virtually pure water ready for re-use
  • Water re-use eliminates discharge of wastewater into stormwater drains
  • Grit blast attachment removes rust or really heavy graffiti

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