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New automatic submersible pumps from Australian Pump Industries

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article image ‘Mr Drains’ Bill Miller loves the Tsurumi PU series submersible sump pumps because they’re simple to set up and don’t need an expensive control box
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Australian Pump Industries  introduces a new range of automatic submersible pumps designed for simple set up without the complication and expense of a control box.  

By eliminating the need for a control box, the PU series of submersible pumps by Tsurumi Pump does not require additional wiring other than the standard pump power cable, reducing both installation and maintenance costs.  

Offering long life in both continuous and intermittent sump applications, the lightweight submersible pumps are controlled by robust float switches that can be simply adjusted to the required activation height.  

The new submersible pump system uses two automatic pumps, one of which has a third additional float switch. The power-saving pumps automatically switch on when the water level rises, and switch off when no longer required. The pair of pumps can be set to run alternately, but if the water continues to rise, both pumps will work together until the level drops to the pre-set.  

The PU series of submersible pumps is manufactured by Tsurumi Pump at its Kyoto plant, Japan.  

The Tsurumi PU series is designed for use in the construction and plumbing industry with applications including pumping wastewater, sewage and even rainwater containing solids.  

According to Bill Miller of Mr Drains, the PU series pumps are very versatile and can be set up as a pair to operate in tandem to share the load or operate alternately depending on the water level. He adds that any plumber can control the pumps by simply setting the heights of the automatic float switches.  

Miller also appreciates Tsurumi pumps for features that are aimed at extending the working life of the unit.  

Key features of PU series automatic submersible pumps:  

  • Produces flows of up to 800 litres per minute, with vertical heads of 16 metres
  • Includes both 3-phase and single phase options with two pole motors up to 1.5kW
  • Available with 1½”, 2” and 3”discharge bores
  • Made from moulded resin and stainless steel for lightweight construction and corrosion resistance
  • Vortex impeller made of fibreglass reinforced resin prevents damage or clogging while passing small solids in suspension through the pump
  • Double mechanical seal with two silicon carbide seal faces operates within an oil chamber to provide maximum seal life
  • Tsurumi’s ‘Oil Lifter’ ensures the mechanical seal is continually lubricated even if the lubricant level falls
  • Self-resetting thermal protection device in the motor

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