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New Jetmax M600B-PC series pump available from Australian Pump Industries

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Installing a rain water tank with a big Aussie household pressure system style pump has made a huge difference to the Robinson family of Swansea Heads in NSW.

A 20,000 poly rain water tank enables the family to catch valuable rainwater that would otherwise be lost in run off.

The new series of Aussie Jetmax M600 series pumps teamed with the large water storage tank provides independence from town water supply and efficiency at a level that does not create a huge power bill or a negative environmental impact.

The big Jetmax M600B-PC available from Australian Pump Industries delivers up to 120 litres of water per minute and pressures up to 68 metres, that is loads of flow and pressure to provide plenty of water for the garden, car washing as well as all household water supply requirements.

The Aussie Jetmax is designed for corrosive resistant applications with a solid stainless steel pump body, a high tech poly carbon volute and bronze impeller.

The big, high performance pump is powered by a 2HP, vermin proof, totally enclosed fan cooled, single phase electric motor.

One of the benefits of the new Aussie pump series of household pressure systems is that the electricity consumption of the unit is limited to the pumps’ actual demand.

That electrical demand is proportional to the amount of water being pumped. That means that when only one tap is on the big pump draws no more electricity than a much smaller, lower horsepower machine.

The Jetmax M600 comes with a new Aussie smart switch with integrated pressure gauge.

The smart switch automatically activates when it senses demand from an open tap. The super reliable but high tech design also protects the pump from dry running by cutting the machine out in the event of supply interruption.

The Robertson’s say the new Aussie Jetmax has got loads of capacity to keep the garden blooming all summer and have the satisfaction of knowing that their water supply is secure, cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

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