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New Aussie Pumps spot sprayer is an agricultural all-rounder

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article image Monica Lennox and the Aussie Spraymaster in peach orchards in Glenorie, NSW
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Australian Pump Industries  introduces a new range of spot sprayers for spring weed spraying and fire control.

The new Spraymaster Kappa 43 spot sprayer is a versatile pump that offers all-round performance in tasks ranging from spot spraying lantana, sheep jetting and machinery wash down to even fire fighting.

An Italian made Udor diaphragm pump lies at the heart of the Aussie Spraymaster. Udor is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of high pressure diaphragm style pumps.

Australian Pump's innovative use of positive displacement spray pumps has broadened the scope of their use, having successfully applied this technology to high pressure applications.

Delivering flows from eight litres per minute to 153 litres per minute, and pressures from 20 to 50 bar, the Spraymaster series pumps will self-prime up to 1.5 metres allowing priming from ponds, tanks or cisterns.

Spraymaster Kappa 43 spot sprayers come with a galvanised skid frame as standard, integrated handles for easy lifting and an optional wheeled trolley.

According to Aussie Pumps' Pat Woodward, their Honda powered kits start off with 25 bar, 8 lpm units for ‘blockies’ and go right up to big 125 lpm, 40 bar rigs capable of running three or four guns. The Spraymaster is also available in a great machinery wash down configuration.

The hose reel with 75m of high pressure hose is an option that offers even more versatility. The extra length facilitates big wash jobs such as combines or cotton pickers while its high flow and high pressure performance make for extra fast wash down and contaminant control. Woodward describes the Spraymaster as their most versatile pump yet.

Aussie Pumps uses genuine Honda engines with a three-year warranty. Yanmar diesel and hydraulic drive versions are also available.

Aussie Spraymaster spot sprayers are available in configurations suitable for high pressure transfer, misting, spraying and even livestock wash down.

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