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King Cobra drain cleaner available from Australian Pump Industries

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A Warrnambool based plumber, Darren Smith from Southern Victorian Plumbing, recently added an extra dimension to his services by acquiring an Aussie King Cobra ute mounted drain cleaner.

The King Cobra available from Australian Pump Industries will handle from 25 mm up to 150 mm drains, and has the ability to chop its way through tree roots or other difficult "chokes".

The heart of the system is a "Big Berty" Bertolini 5,000 psi pump with 21 litres per minute flow. The drain cleaner is powered by a 24 HP Honda air cooled industrial engine.

The machines are built as both portable trolley mounted rigs, compact enough to go through a normal household doorway, or as ute or trailer mounts.

Darren chose to go with the ute mount version that incorporates a heavy duty galvanised steel skid, it's own water tank, and both a high pressure and low pressure hose reel kit.

In the first week of the machine's operation, the Southern Victorian Plumbing team cleared around 1 km of drain.

They took the machine out to Deakin University for a training session and a demonstration for the administration staff. Darren tells the story "The first manhole we opened up was blocked ½ metre in, and 6 man holes later, we finished and blew the bosses away.

All this was done with no leads or hoses to run, we just refilled the tank at smoko and went back to work."

Darren ran an ad in the local paper and had another nine jobs lined up within the first couple of weeks.

"The water tank is a great saviour, as we can turn up to the job and start work straight away" said Darren. "We've had three jobs referred from other plumbers and the interest is great."

Part of the kit supplied by Australian Pump with the King Cobra is a portable hose reel called the Viper mini reel. This enables the operator to control the high pressure reverse jet hose as it goes down the drain, without having to man the machine.

This means it's truly a one man operation as the Viper mini reel provides users with complete control of the drain cleaning function, at the drain.

The Viper is mounted on a stainless steel frame with handle, and comes with 60 metres of light weight sewer cleaning hose. The Viper also has locators for three different optional nozzles and its own control handle that enables the operator to shut the water on or off from the job.

Other equipment supplied with the unit includes the Aussie nozzle box. This is a handy tool box with a range of high pressure nozzles designed for reverse jet drain cleaning.

The star of the nozzle box is the Aussie Root Mulcher. This is a turbo style reverse jet head that has one large rear thrust port and a unique vibrating rotating action.

Its primary task is cutting roots or other severe blockages, and it has been a huge success both in Australia and around the world.

"The pressure delivered to the Root Mulcher turbo head is amazing" says Darren.

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