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article image Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager John Whiteley displays Honda powered gushers and fire pumps from the Aussie Pump range.
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THE state of the art Honda 4 stroke industrial petrol engine has been selected to power the popular range of Aussie fire and transfer pumps.

Honda engines were selected because of their functional qualities including ease of starting and fuel economy.

Australian Pump Industries provides the market with the widest range of self-priming centrifugal pumps.

The company focuses on high pressure self-priming pumps that can be used for fire fighting, irrigation, water transfer or agricultural spraying.

The Aussie Fire Chief, flagship of the product line, is available with a range of Honda engines from 5.5HP right through to a super performance version with the 13HP Honda petrol engine.

The big 13HP delivers loads of flow at high pressure with a maximum head of 80m in a single impeller version.

The twin impeller version of the same pump, called the Aussie Mr T, delivers a whopping 140psi maximum pressure making it ideal for super high pressure applications in fire fighting, irrigation or water transfer.

For water transfer, Australian Pump has developed a range of 2", 3" and 4" pumps that all feature reliable Honda power.

Aussie gushers feature excellent self-priming characteristics with suction lifts of up to 8.4m.

The 2" gushers deliver 600L per minute while the big 4" pump, the Aussie QP402, can generate flows of up to 1800L per minute - this makes it ideal for water transfer, dam clean out or fast fill tanker applications.

Cast iron open style impellers even allow these high flow pumps to handle limited solids in suspension, making them suitable for even site dewatering applications.

Big cast iron, bronze and stainless steel pumps mounted on Honda twin cylinder 20HP and 24HP industrial engines complement the range.

These big capacity pumps produce huge flows and/or high pressures. For example, the big Aussie GMP B4XRA is coupled to a 20HP Honda twin cylinder engine that can deliver flows of up to 2450L per minute and heads as high as 28m.

A comprehensive brochure on the Honda powered pumps from Australian Pump Industries is available free of charge from Australian Pump Industries or its distributors around Australia.

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