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High pressure piston pump introduced by Australian Pump Industries

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The new Aussie Hammerhead, high pressure engine drive steam cleaner offers local government, mining and industrial users a major break through in performance and OH & S compliance.

The Hammerhead available from Australian Pump Industries achieves huge gains in operational safety by having a 12 volt onboard electrical system to provide boiler ignition.

Power to the high pressure piston pump is provided by a reliable, heavy duty Kubota water cooled diesel engine. That means that the ignition system for the boiler and the diesel engine can source fuel from a common tank, another major advantage for users.

With a flow of 21 litres per minute and a pressure rating of 3000 PSI, the Hammerhead offers real cleaning performance, making it ideal for the wash down of plant in the field.

According to Aussie Pumps, councils love the big machine because it has the ability to blast off graffiti without the use of harmful chemicals and it is intrinsically safe to operate due to the 12 volt system.

Councils use them for cleaning amenities, BBQ’s, sports facilities and for steaming weeds to death without the use of chemicals or weedicides.

The big diesel drive blaster comes complete in a heavy duty stainless steel frame with stainless boiler cover.

It was originally designed for use in oil rigs and refineries but has major applications in infield plant wash down areas where safety issues are paramount.

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