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AN engine driven water blaster, claimed to be part of a new generation of environmentally friendly machines, has been released by Australian Pump Industries.

Called the AB35 the new machine uses 20 per cent less water than conventional equivalent machines while reducing cleaning time and producing better overall results.

The new Aussie AB35 achieves this by generating higher pressure. It does this by utilising a new Big Berty, Bertolini 3500psi pump that produces a whopping 5600psi effective working pressure when used with the Aussie Turbomaster turbo lance.

The machine runs off a Honda 9hp industrial air cooled petrol engine that provides loads of power for the highly efficient triplex design piston pump.

The AB35 is equipped with the latest in high pressure accessories including a 4000psi rated gun and extension lance with quick coupler. Ten metres of super high pressure Aussie Black Snake hose is provided as standard equipment.

Another innovation adopted by the new machine is the use of Aussie Quick Tips spray nozzles. The Quick Tips enable the operator to change nozzle angle in a matter of seconds, thus being able to tailor the spray pattern to the job.

This can produce improved operational efficiencies of up to 30 per cent.

The new 3500 Big Berty pump is part of the new "cool run" series with a number of advanced features that include multi-fin crankcase for cool operation.

Bottom seal valve caps for stronger and more positive seal are also standard equipment along with forged bronze one piece conrods for added strength and improved piston alignment.

The pump is protected by the "ASP" system. This consists of a thermal dump protector valve built into the high pressure circuit. The thermal dump is preset and activates when the pump water temperature reaches 60°C.

The ASP system also includes a safety valve that protects the pump and operator from pressure spikes.

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