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With an El Nino kicking in on the east coast and drought conditions in South Australia and Western Australia, farmers are becoming more and more sensitive about the effective capture, retention and use of what is arguably Australia’s vital commodity. No, its not oil, its rainwater.

All around Australia, water storage levels are at an almost record low. Dams are dependant on the surrounding terrain for their collection, with ground needing to be totally soaked, before the run off has any effect. At the same time, dams lose huge amounts of water through evaporation.

According to Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s innovative pump company, the solution is to capture rain from wherever possible. This includes the roofs of houses, out-buildings, sheds, barns or furniture, as well as from hard paved surfaces where appropriate. A huge amount of water is lost through the failure to capture and then harvest rain water, both in town and country areas. Collection systems that are based around readily available tanks and auto pressure style pumps make a huge difference.

With a complete range of household pressure systems, Aussie Pump go from simple small cottage pump sets all the way, up to large systems that have big flow and pressure combinations.

For example, the Aussie Jetmax M400A boasts a maximum flow of 165 litres per minute (that is the equivalent of running up to 12 taps at once), with the maximum pressure of close to 100 psi.

These simple but heavy duty pump systems consist of proven, reliable cast iron or stainless steel jet pumps with single phase electric motors. The motors are heavy duty, totally enclosed fan cooled and boast thermal overload protection as standard and are vermin proof. The pumps also feature marine grade bronze impellers, stainless steel shafts and mechanical seals.

Aussie Pump combines these big heavy duty pumps with large capacity tanks and robust switch gear to provide a simple, but effective auto pump set.

By using a combination of a good quality plastic or concrete tank, like the new Humes Rain Vault, users are able to harvest rainwater and use it for both domestic and agricultural applications.

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