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Fire protection by combining the Aussie Fire Chief and the family swimming pool

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Hundreds of thousands of Australian homes are located in high hazard bush fire areas. Many have swimming pools which can be turned into effective fire protection resources. 

Authorities have already warned that the extreme fire danger means that their resources will be stretched to the utmost. They produce excellent documentation that helps home owners be prepared to protect their properties by practising an upgraded level of self reliance.

The keystone of that self reliance is using locally available water resources, swimming pools, dams, wells etc, for basic fire protection procedures.

According to Aussie Pumps, the family swimming poo l is the ideal fire fighting resource and its normally located close to the house, so it makes it easy to fill up the gutters or damp down walls, roofs and any other surface that is potentially combustible.

Teaming the swimming pool with a reliable fire pump and hose kit, as recommended by the authorities, means homes can be saved and tragedies adverted.

The Aussie Fire Chief is a lightweight high pressure fire pump. Aussie Fire Chief offers many features and performance..

The pump comes with a huge 100 psi pressure performance and the ability to pump up to 500 litres per minute. It is that big flow and high pressure that gives the Aussie Fire Chief the ability to literally drown spot fires or damp down houses and outbuildings fast.

The standard Aussie Fire Chief comes with a Honda Japanese built 5.5 HP industrial gasoline engine. Other drive options are available including Yanmar diesel and big 6 HP Vanguard petrol engine for increased performance.

The Aussie Fire Chief is able to draught water easily from swimming pools with the ability to suck from depths of up to 7.6 metres. Aussie Fire Chief primes fast, every time. The Aussie Fire Chief pump boasts a boasts a precision ceramic style mechanical seal and a heavy duty balance matched impeller that weights up to two and a half times more that the industry standard. The impeller is a heavy duty one piece aluminium construction, not plastic or riveted.

The Aussie Fire Chief pump is a bigger pump and the extra metal, matched with its superb hydraulic design, provides great flow pressure combinations.

The Fire Chief is the choice of the rural fire service, national parks and wildlife and the fire brigade. Aussie Fire Chief also enjoyed success in export market with fire fighting authorities in Europe standardising on this great product.



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