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Fire Chief fire fighting pump from Australian Pump Industries

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article image Rory and Isabelle Marshman off Glanmonnow at Dungowan, NSW, regard the Chief as one of the family
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Australian Pump Industries , also known as Aussie Pumps, offers Fire Chief fire fighting pump.

When the Marshman family bought their Aussie Pump Fire Chief fire fighting pump two years ago, they had no idea how much it would become one among the family.

Not only does provide the family with a reliable high pressure fire fighting pump should they be faced with a bushfire, but they have a practical water transfer pump for use at other times.

“It gives me piece of mind to know that if we face the threat of a bushfire, that I will be able to defend my home and livelihood,” said Simone Marshman.

“It is great for moving water around the property, I even use it to water the veggie patch during dry spells,” she said.

The Fire Chief is the choice of the NSW Rural Fire Service, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and a number of other government utilities and fire fighting authorities throughout Australia.

With its high pressure performance of up to 80 metres head and high flow of up to 500 litres per minute, the pump is ideal for household fire protection as well as in field duties like spot fire fighting.

Additionally, the Fire Chief can be used for a host of on farm pumping chores that include high pressure water transfer, irrigation, sheep jetting and even stock crate wash down.

The Fire Chief is available in standard configuration with a Japanese Honda engine, in either 5.5 or 6.5HP version or alternatively, with a Vanguard 6HP petrol engine. Diesel drive options from Yanmar or Kubota are available.

Aussie Pump Gold Distributors throughout Australia are stocking up on the Aussie Fire Chief to make sure they can adequately support customers.

There is no doubt that the big Aussie Fire Chief with its high performance and user friendly features can provide real fire safe security.

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