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Envelop Covers from Australian Pump Industries Cut Costs

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article image Envelop protective covers cut corrosion on key assets, reducing maintenance and improving process plant reliability
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Envelop protective covers, distributed in Australia by Australian Pump Industries can potentially save Australian industry millions of dollars in corrosion control.  

Originally developed for key asset protection on warships, Envelop covers can also play a vital part in reducing maintenance and improving process plant reliability.  

Australian Pump originally introduced Envelop covers for Defence applications, particularly for top side asset protection on RAN ships. The covers are now standard on most RAN vessels including all ANZAC and FFG Class frigates.  

Developed through funding by the US Navy in an effort to reduce maintenance costs by reducing corrosion on ship equipment, Envelop covers are made from a patented cover material that not only offers waterproof shielding but is also breathable to prevent moisture build-up on the equipment.  

Traditional waterproof tarps and plastic wraps provide some level of protection but can also cause damage to the equipment by trapping moisture and salt.      

Envelop covers are being used to protect capstans, deck cranes, torpedos and sensitive electronic equipment on warships.   

According to US Navy Admiral, James P. McManamon, the US Navy is in the process of outfitting every surface ship in the US Navy with Envelop covers.   

Australian Pumps offers a photo modelling service that enables covers to be quickly custom-designed and produced to suit virtually any application.   

Adrian Fiatarone of Aussie Pumps says that they were able to produce a deck crane cover to shield the entire machine including its sensitive hydraulic control equipment against corrosion.  

Fiatarone explains that the covers not only protect operational assets but are also suitable for protecting equipment and spare parts in long term storage.   

For instance, Aussie Pumps has designed a 50-tonne crane hydraulic motor cover that provides full protection without impeding function or requiring removal before operation.

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