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Engine drive high pressure water blasters from Australian Pump Industries

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Mining plant maintenance costs can be reduced by vigilant preventative maintenance programs.

This really highlights the need for heavy equipment to be kept clean and well presented as an initial step in spotting potential problems, i.e. engine or hydraulic oil leaks, premature or excessive wear.

The plant maintenance manager is responsible for keeping the equipment clean. That means grease points become clearly visible and oils leaks can be easily detected.

Australian Pump Industries  designs and builds high pressure machines for mining and construction applications.

These cold water blasters start with pressures from 2,000 psi and go right up to 7,000 psi machines that are portable, rugged and reliable.

All of the units feature Big Berty Bertolini high pressure piston pumps. These pumps were chosen because of their big bearings, double seal system and stainless steel Tenifer plunger rods.

Many of the pumps have nickel plated brass heads and purpose designed integrated unloaders. These pumps are designed for long trouble free running even in adverse conditions.

Australian Pump Industries claim that huge machines, that are portable, can get the job done faster, saving time and water and releasing plant back to the job in the minimum of maintenance down time.

Big machines like the Aussie Predator, feature a combination of pressure and flow that is designed to quickly clean mud off track gear, or blast dirt, mud or dust from the carriage of dump trucks, motor scrapers or front end loads.

The Aussie Predator has a pump pressure of 5,000 psi with an EWP (effective working pressure) of 8,500 psi. Teamed with 20 litres per minute flow it makes a lethal combination that will strip dirt and mud from plant.

The Australian Pump range has been enhanced by the addition of a full line up of diesel engine drive high pressure steam cleaners.

Hot water and steam is generally used where there is a concentration of oils or grease to be removed.

In other words hydraulic systems, hydrostatic transmissions or engines and transmission components can be cleaned more quickly and without chemicals, with steam melting grease and caked oily dust.

Removing oil and grease and the dirt and dust they accumulate is a first step in problem identification and preventive action for routine maintenance.

Australian Pump Industries claim that having the right accessories to suit the machinery will make short work of many difficult plant cleaning tasks.

For example, wet sand blast kits are inexpensive and can add a new dimension to cleaning effectiveness.

Wet sand blasting is safe, effective and makes paint striping and rust removal easy. Grit can be collected, filtered and re-used.

Another accessory that is widely used in the mining and construction industries is the Aussie Turbomaster turbo lance.

The addition of the Turbomaster can effectively enhance performance by up to 100% providing savings in time, water, fuel and in extending machine life.

The turbo has a unique spiralling pin jet that effectively multiplies and concentrates the pressure provided by the high pressure pump, in effect doubling cleaning impact.

The big advantage of the turbo lance is that the water blaster works no harder but the job gets done much faster.

Other attachments available from Australian Pump Industries include rotary brushes, long length lances including telescopic wands, detergent kits and a full range of replacement accessories in the way of unloaders, gun, hose assemblies and hose reels.

A free catalogue and handy selection guide on all accessories and machines is available from Australian Pump Industries or Aussie Pump distributors throughout Australia.

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