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‘Drain Brain’ water activated cleaning system

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A UNIQUE high pressure water activated drain cleaning system has been released by Australian Pump Industries . Called the 'Drain Brain" system, it consists of a 4000psi Big Berty pump providing power to high pressure hoses that virtually drive a jet of water down the pipe clearing it from blockages and obstructions.

The Drain Brain can also function as a high pressure water blaster, delivering 21 litres of water a minute at 4000psi.

Designed specifically with contractors and government instrumentalities in mind, the Drain Brain system is compact and uses high pressure rather than hiqh water flow to achieve its purposes.

"Our 4000psi Big Berty pump, with flows of only 21 litres/minute, will out-perform lower pressure, high flow machines providing substantial water savings," Aussie Pumps' product manager Hamish Lorenz said.

"This provides tremendous flexibility for the operator as he doesn't need access to a mains fire stand to get water for the high pressure pump."

The Big Berty high pressure pump is driven by a 20hp Honda industrial petrol engine mounted either inside the body work of a purpose built utility vehicle or, alternatively, the unit can be either trailer or trolley mounted.

The system comes complete with ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) system that protects the machine from damage caused by running on bypass or from pressure spikes in the system.

A thermal dump valve is temperature activated and protects the machine from bypass running, whilst a unique safety valve will dump water if the machine hits a pressure spike in excess of 10 per cent of its rated capacity.

The Drain Brain enables the operator to use optional size hoses and nozzles, pre-set up, designed for quickly clearing a range of both big and small drains and pipes.

Aussie Reel Quick 360° pivoting hose reels take up to 60m of high pressure, drain cleaning hose enabling the operator to extend hose life and avoid the danger of coiled hose becoming a safety hazard on site.

A fixed reel carries water supply hose enabling the operator to use the machine from any convenient water source.

The Drain Brain achieves its function by using a reverse jet nozzle that provides propulsion of the hose up the pipe quickly clearing away caked grease, leaves or mud.

It is claimed to be ideal for sewage drains, septic tank lines or storm water drain blockages.

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